OPCD’s Mission is a simple one:
Get the Right People to the Right Place at the Right Time, Better than Anybody Else in the World.

But also one that can easily mean the difference between life and death for a New Orleans citizen, visitor or emergency responder. As you can imagine, we take this Mission very seriously. We put in a lot of work to ensure that we meet that Mission, each and every day.

First, we only select the most outstanding recruits after they have passed a deliberate and methodical hiring process. Second, we provide those recruits with a multi-layered and rigorous 16-week training program, where they learn to master the cutting-edge, life-saving technology they will use each day while working under the headset. Third, we provide support, guidance and learning opportunities to all employees throughout their careers with OPCD.

Our Vision is to become one of the most highly recognized PSAPs in the United States by providing excellent service to all of our constituents, meeting and exceeding national call answer standards, and employing the best and brightest individuals. OPCD is an equal opportunity employer. We offer training, advancement opportunities and a comprehensive benefits package.

Now that the serious part is out of the way, let’s talk about the fun stuff. We love coming to work. The people we sit next to every day are some of the best you will ever meet, and the work we do together is incredibly rewarding. We like to think of ourselves as a family at OPCD, where we support each other, care for one another, and even let loose a little together.

So, if you have a passion for helping others, want a career where no two days are alike,  honestly want to make a difference in your community on a daily basis, and  want to have a little fun while doing it, then OPCD is the place for you.