Training Courses

OPCD is always seeking out ways to share the knowledge our leadership has gained, from first-hand experience, managing emergency and non-emergency communications in New Orleans, one of the most exciting and highly visited cities in the country.

The OPCD approach to emergency and non-emergency communications training is deliberate and methodical. Our Emergency Communication Specialist recruitment process is designed to ensure that only the best make it through the hiring process. We provide a 16-week training program that is multilayered and rigorous, and the life-saving technology we utilize is cutting edge.

Due to this systematic approach, OPCD is continuously able to provide our Emergency Communications Specialists with unparalleled training, and place cutting-edge technology in their hands so they can help us meet our mission of getting the Right People to the Right Place at the Right Time… Better than Anybody Else in the World.

With this approach in mind, OPCD provides regular training courses for a wide variety of emergency communications professionals, from Emergency Telecommunicator Certifications to executive leadership training and everything in between.