OPCD Launches Project Unity Employee Volunteer Program


OPCD Launches Project Unity Employee Volunteer Program

NEW ORLEANS, LA (June 19, 2020)Orleans Parish Communication District is proud to announce the launch of its Project Unity Employee Volunteer Program.

Project Unity, the brainchild of OPCD Director of Human Resources, David Taylor, is a community outreach program designed to provide regularly scheduled volunteer opportunities for OPCD employees while also honoring the diverse makeup of the City of New Orleans, and the country as a whole.

To kick off Project Unity’s inaugural event, two groups of OPCD employees volunteered their time with two organizations within Orleans Parish. The first group of Project Unity volunteers spent Friday morning packaging and distributing food at the Arthur Monday Senior Center food pantry distribution site in Algiers. The second group donated their afternoon towards helping the Central City Shelter with its outdoor gardening beautification project.

The decision to launch Project Unity on Juneteenth – the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States – is no coincidence. As citizens experience seemingly historic levels of unrest and upheaval, ranging from the effects of COVID-19 to aftermath of the George Floyd murder and everything in between, Project Unity was developed to reaffirm the understanding that diversity, and unity through diversity, are what give New Orleans, and the United States, the uniquely exceptional standings they have held in the world throughout modern history. By joining together to partaking in the act of giving, people from all walks of life can do the work necessary to improve, not only our communities, but our understanding of one another.

“I am so proud of our team for taking the initiative to not only create Project Unity, but for also volunteer their time, showing that OPCD is dedicated to giving back to our community in more ways than one,” stated OPCD Executive Director, Tyrell Morris. “I would especially like to recognize our Director of Human Resources, David Taylor, for leading this effort, and our Public Engagement Team for making it happen. This is just another reminder that we all must accept responsibility for the safety, health and prosperity of our communities. Today, our heroes who save lives each and every day have reaffirmed our commitment to New Orleans.”

“I am incredibly excited today as we not only commemorate Juneteenth through a day of service and impact, but launch our community outreach program, Project Unity,” stated David Taylor.  “As our country faces a national movement for equality and justice, there are many companies that have begun the work of mobilizing teams who are determined to participate in this significant moment in history. Seeing these movements growing throughout the country inspired me to create a platform for OPCD employees to do the same.

“Our employees perform amazing work every day,” continued Taylor. “Seeing them take advantage of another opportunity to express themselves and serve their community in a unified way was awe inspiring. I would like to thank OPCD for providing an avenue to turn this dream into a reality, and, of course, our incredible team members for putting their love, passion and spirit on full display through their work today. Through them, I know there is Power in Unity.”

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