OPCD Welcomes Recruitment Class 22-04

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OPCD Welcomes Recruitment Class 22-04


New Orleans, LA (October 13, 2022) The Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) is proud to welcome its newest recruitment class of future first responders (Class 22-04). These recruits will complete the agency’s 16-week academy full of academically rigorous coursework, skills assessments, certification exams and final on the job evaluation by a certified training specialist.  Upon graduation these individuals will join the rank of OPCD heroes that save lives every day, answering over 1.2 million calls, annually.

“This new class of heroes is a monumental success in our journey to restore staffing to pre-pandemic levels,” said Executive Director Tyrell Morris. “This is the first class that includes a hybrid of our new and lateral candidates and has lowered the agency’s vacancy rate by 25%, a true indicator that we are headed in the right direction. I am eager to see the success of our newest recruits and encourage them each to #SHOWUP and we look forward to celebrating with them on graduation day.”





About Orleans Parish Communications District (www.OPCDLA.gov)
Formed in 1982, the Orleans Parish Communication District is the public safety answering point (PSAP) for all emergency communications via 9-1-1 within Orleans Parish. The agency employs over 180 individuals and provides emergency medical dispatch, emergency fire dispatch, and emergency police dispatch for the millions of annual visitors and residents of the City of New Orleans. OPCD is a member of the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).