#SHOWUP Spotlight – Arvette Compton

OPCD #SHOWUP Spotlight
Arvette Compton

In 2019, OPCD began our #SHOWUP Spotlight Series, designed to share the stories of our Heroes Under the Headset who go above and beyond to serve the city of New Orleans. We are excited to continue this series by introducing you to NOLA-311 representative, Arvette Compton.

A New Orleans native, Arvette first came to OPCD as a NOLA Ready Volunteer after feeling compelled to help fellow residents affected by COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic. Her opportunity to serve arrived when City of New Orleans officials and local restaurants worked together to provide a meal assistance program for residents who in need.

Answering the call, Arvette and her fellow volunteers made their way to the OPCD campus and immediately began assisting NOLA-311 representatives with registering thousands of New Orleans residents into the meal assistance programs.

“The city needed help taking care of its people and I wanted to do everything I could to help,” said Arvette. “I genuinely love taking care of others. It makes my day when I can uplift someone or help resolve their issues. I believe it’s my gift.”

Arvette’s unwavering empathetic nature and upbeat, loving personality while assisting residents earned her a permanent, full-time position as a NOLA-311 representative.

“I’ve officially been a part of the OPCD family for eight months now,” said Arvette. “I had no idea this would come about when I was volunteering. Now I get to assist the people of New Orleans as my career.”

When she is not spending her time helping others, Arvette is busy living her best life, enjoying aspect of being born and raised in the Crescent City. “I’m an Uptown girl who loves Jazz Fest, oyster poboys, my Saints, and the carefree nature of our people,” said Arvette. “We welcome everybody here and we will talk to anyone!”

Arvette’s fun spirit is admired by those closest to her who enjoy being in her company because, as they say, she brings them light. She feels this spirit and warmth stems from her love of family and the idea of sharing love whenever you can. “I have twin grandsons who are in college and a granddaughter in high school, and we love spending time together,” said Arvette. “That time with them is so precious. You have to let people know you love and appreciate them while they’re here.”

Arvette, we love and appreciate the kind of person you are and how you have helped New Orleans residents and visitors since coming to OPCD as a kind and compassionate volunteer so many months ago. Thank you for all you do. #SHOWUP, Arvette!