#SHOWUP Spotlight – Victor Paz

OPCD #SHOWUP Spotlight
Victor Paz

OPCD is so appreciative of our staff members who go above and beyond to serve New Orleans that we want to share their stories. In this installment of our #SHOWUP Spotlight series,
meet OPCD Hero Victor Paz.

Victor is currently a fire dispatcher for Orleans Parish Communication District and has been working for the agency for 3 years. He began his career in public safety to assist others and remind citizens they are never alone in their darkest moments.

“I love helping people and saving lives,” said Victor. “The importance of my job is making sure everyone’s needs are met and that they receive the proper emergency response in their time of need.”

Victor takes the responsibility of being a dispatcher seriously because he knows his words and decisions carry enough power to save a life. Victor takes every call diligently, dispatches with thorough communication skills and considers how he would want his family to be helped or assisted during a crisis or emergency.

Victor, his fiancée and three children live in the Irish Channel which is the perfect spot for someone who enjoys New Orleans’ culture.

“I live within walking distance of my favorite restaurants like The Rum House, Red Dog Diner, The Bulldog and it’s not hard to find musicians playing in my area. Where I live feels like the true definition of New Orleans,” said Victor.

If Victor isn’t at one of the local spots soaking up the classic NOLA atmosphere, listening to music or eating at his favorite restaurant, you might find him at home, making it enjoyable and beautiful for the people he loves.

“I enjoy working around my house and finding new projects to complete. I recently installed new windows and hard wood floors throughout the house. My next project is remodeling my kitchen. It’s therapeutic for me and I like the challenge,” said Victor.

Victor’s go-getter attitude might be part of the reason he’s planning an adventurous exploratory trip to the Galapagos Islands with his family. “That island is definitely on my list to travel to. The exotic animals and beautiful views out there are something I’ve been waiting for a long time to experience. Going there with family would be the icing on the cake,” said Victor.

Victor, it’s safe to say you deserve that trip for being a family man, handyman and a hero. Thank you for your service.

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