Employee of the Quarter

OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter
Abigail Parker

OPCD believes in acknowledging our staff’s successes to help them develop not only professionally, but to also recognize their own true potential. With that goal in mind, OPCD has created the Employee of the Quarter Award to honor employees who go above and beyond to #SHOWUP for the City of New Orleans. Each of our Employee of the Quarter recipients are nominated by their peers for exemplary work and dedication to helping people both on and off the OPCD campus.



We are proud to announce that the recipient of OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter Award for the 3rd Quarter of 2020 is Emergency Communication II Specialist, Abigail Parker!

Abigail, a 13-year veteran with the agency, was completely taken off guard when she learned about her most recent achievement while working at OPCD. “It was truly shocking to get an early morning call letting me know I’ve won! All I could say at the time was, ‘Thank you!’ It feels great to be appreciated for my hard work,” said Abigail.

Abigail began her public safety career in 2007, working as an emergency call taker for the New Orleans Police Department. Abigail then quickly rose to the position of police dispatcher due to her fervent focus and determination to push through the inherently difficult emotional experiences that arise when aiding callers during their darkest moments. “My advice to anyone in this job is to breathe,” said Abigail. “You will have your ups and downs, feel defeated at times, and even stressed but take it one call at a time and just breathe.”

“Employee of the Quarter” is more than just a title for Abigail. She understands that the honor also comes with responsibility to continue setting the example for such a high standard, and recognizes her peers for playing a large role in her success. “I want to say thank you to my coworkers for helping me get through the tough days. Everyone nominated was equally qualified,” said Abigail. “I promise to strive even harder to become a better police dispatcher for the city of New Orleans and to be a better trainer for those wanting to excel in dispatch.”

Abigail, thank you for your dedication to outstanding public service and your commitment to OPCD’s Mission of getting the right people to the right place at the right time. You are truly appreciated. #SHOWUP!