OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter
Jyneco Thornton

OPCD believes in acknowledging our staff’s successes to help them develop not only professionally, but to also recognize their own true potential. With that goal in mind, OPCD has created the Employee of the Quarter Award to honor employees who go above and beyond to #SHOWUP for the City of New Orleans. Each of our Employee of the Quarter recipients are nominated by their peers for exemplary work and dedication to helping people both on and off the OPCD campus.

We are proud to announce that the recipient of OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter Award for the 2nd Quarter of 2022 is Emergency Operations Specialist I, Jyneco Thornton.

EOTQ Jyneco Thornton

Jyneco Thornton, OPCD’s Emergency Communications Specialist I, has always had a desire to be in the public safety industry. After working in various operator roles, Jyneco broke into the public safety industry by joining OPCD. “When I joined OPCD in August of 2020 I knew that I had made a great decision,” said Jyneco. “I am reminded of my decision every day when I come to work, because of how much I enjoy helping those that need assistance and the energy from my coworkers.”

In 2021 Jyneco won “Rookie of the Year”, which “Employee of the Quarter” is an exemplary follow up to and demonstrates her tract record of success. “While grateful, I am not here to receive awards,” said Jyneco. “My goal is to consistently strive to do my best and to #SHOWUP for the people of New Orleans, my coworkers, and OPCD. If I have a positive attitude, an uplifting spirit, and a smile on my face I know I will continue to be the best Gladiator possible.”

Jyneco would like to thank her coworkers and management for the honor of being named the Employee of the Quarter for the 2nd Quarter of 2022. “I am super excited to have been chosen as the Employee of the Quarter and would like to give a high praise to all of those who nominated me.”