Employee of the Quarter – Melinda Guerra

OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter
Melinda Guerra

OPCD believes in acknowledging our staff’s successes to help them develop not only professionally, but to also recognize their own true potential. With that goal in mind, OPCD has created the Employee of the Quarter Award to honor employees who go above and beyond to #SHOWUP for the City of New Orleans. Each of our Employee of the Quarter recipients are nominated by their peers for exemplary work and dedication to helping people both on and off the OPCD campus.

We are proud to announce that the recipient of OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter Award for the 4th Quarter of 2021 is Training & Compliance Supervisor, Melinda Guerra.


Melinda Guerra, OPCD’s Training and Compliance Supervisor, has had a long and thriving career in Public Safety since 1999 before starting at OPCD in 2016. Melinda began her career as an EMT Basic and she quickly climbed the ladder becoming an EMT Intermediate, then EMT Paramedic. Throughout which she used her experience in hospital and field clinicals to participate in her favorite role, teaching. “Being able to share knowledge and aiding in the growth of others is one of the best feelings in the world,” said Melinda. Since joining the OPCD team she has showcased her competence by starting as an Emergency Communications Specialist and transforming into a Training & Compliance Supervisor.

Melinda has earned the Employee of the Quarter Award due to her unwavering dedication and strong work ethic, “hard work must not stop with one win, myself and others must continue to work hard in every aspect of life,” said Melinda. Her love of teaching has caused her to lead by example and she continues to be the best mentor she can be so that she can help others reach the best version of themselves.

Melinda would like to thank the agency for nominating her, as well as congratulate the others nominated. “I am honored to receive the Employee of the Quarter Award, no doubt the other nominees are each just as deserving. It is my wish that we all continue to #SHOWUP each day”.