Employee of the Quarter – Simetra Johnson

OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter
Simetra Johnson

OPCD believes in acknowledging our staff’s successes to help them develop not only professionally, but to also recognize their own true potential. With that goal in mind, OPCD has created the Employee of the Quarter Award to honor employees who go above and beyond to #SHOWUP for the City of New Orleans. Each of our Employee of the Quarter recipients are nominated by their peers for exemplary work and dedication to helping people both on and off the OPCD campus.

We are proud to announce that the recipient of OPCD’s Employee of the Quarter Award for the 3rd Quarter of 2021 is Training & Compliance Supervisor, Simetra Johnson.


Simetra Johnson, OPCD’s Training and Compliance Supervisor has been a notable addition to the OPCD staff since joining the agency in 2016. Simetra’s experience within the 9-1-1 industry began in 2000, when she started her career as a call taker for the New Orleans Police Department. She has spent the last five years utilizing her abilities and know-how to stand as an example amongst her OPCD family.

Simetra has earned the OPCD Employee of the 3rd Quarter Award due to her fulfillment of the agency’s mission and her consistent ability to #SHOWUP. Her level of commitment extends beyond her work within the Training and Compliance department and has allowed the organization to lean on her professional expertise when needed. Her willingness to provide guidance as well as take direction when needed speaks to her “can-do” attitude.

Simetra is the ultimate team player. Even when winning an award for her individual effort, like the OPCD Employee of the Quarter Award, she never misses an opportunity to thank those around her. “I am honored to be recognized by my peers and selected for this fantastic award,” said Semitra. “It is with their commitment to teamwork and our mission as a public safety agency that I am able to put forth my best work every day.”

Please join us in thanking Simetra for her hard work and congratulating her for earning this award!