ECS II Michael Triplett Named Gladiator of Excellence

ECS II Michael Triplett Named Gladiator of Excellence


OPCD is proud to announce that Executive Director Tyrell Morris has named Emergency Communications Specialist II, Michael Triplett as the newest Gladiator of Excellence award recipient, the agency’s highest and most prestigious honor and designation.

The Gladiator of Excellence award can only be bestowed by the agency’s Executive Director and is given to those heroes who embody the mission of OPCD which is to get the right people, to the right place, at the right time; better than anyone else in the world.  The award acknowledges the recipients work as well as their significant improvement with OPCD processes and being an exemplary example of agency standards.

ECS II Triplett currently is a certified call taker, law enforcement dispatcher and training specialist and can be found on the operations floor juggling multiple tasks, incidents and units while maintaining an infectiously positive attitude. His advancement and growth within the agency is a true reflection of his professional maturation and display of excellence throughout his career. “OPCD has helped me grow not only professionally but personally,” said Michael. “When I began working at OPCD I wasn’t as confident in some areas of my job, but that confidence has grown over time. I am constantly challenged and inspired to work harder and to strive for excellence in all my professional endeavors.”

Michael’s diligence has been witnessed by all who meet him. His willingness to assist his fellow dispatchers shows the growth in his confidence as well as his dedication to the OPCD mission.

“Watching Michael’s progress has truly been rewarding,” said Director of Operations, Wendy Ervin. “He consistently amazes me with his willingness to go the extra mile, he stands as a champion for OPCD and is always willing to bat for it.”

Michael expressed that he was “shocked” at receiving the award and though appreciative questioned if the agency had picked the right person. “The commitment and integrity that Michael has shown during his time here at OPCD is unmatched,” said OPCD Executive Director, Tyrell Morris. “Those who have worked with Michael can agree that the designation of this award is beyond deserving. His work ethic and displays of leadership exemplify the true Gladiator spirit of OPCD. I am proud to acknowledge his efforts and achievements; myself and the agency look forward to his continued success and demonstrations of excellence.”

Congratulations Michael, what a way to #SHOWUP!