OPCD Cybersecurity Spotlight Virgil Guerra, Computer Aided Dispatcher (CAD) Manager


OPCD Cybersecurity Spotlight
Virgil Guerra

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, OPCD is excited to spotlight the members of our Technology Department leadership team, who spend their days and nights ensuring that all technological aspects of New Orleans 9-1-1 and NOLA-311 are fully functional and operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Join us throughout the remainder of Cybersecurity Awareness Month as the OPCD Technology Department director and managers give a sneak peek into their world of encryption, virus protection and data security. Not only will these interviews give us a chance to learn about who they are and what they do to protect the agency from cyber-attack, we’ll also find out how to better protect your data and devices from things like ransomware, phishing and malware from the people who do it for a living.

Our third spotlight goes to OPCD’s Computer Aided Dispatcher (CAD) Manager Virgil Guerra.


OPCD Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAD) Manager, Virgil Guerra

Virgil – who joined OPCD 8 month ago – may be new to OPCD but is no stranger to being in tech and started his journey early. “I graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology,” said Virgil. “I have been involved in Information Technology since graduating. I was immediately drawn to the consistent learning and pay scale that was available to me from it. I truly enjoy my career choice.”

It is important to understand how much of a threat exists to your cybersecurity. “There are new tools being developed every day to steal your information,” said Virgil. “It is important to not only know what these tools are but understand how they are designed to steal your information. Understanding how they attempt to steal your information will help you understand how to keep it safe.”

“Not everyone is aware of the tools to protect their devices and/or data. ‘Cyber robbery’,” said Virgil “is constantly changing and we must change with it to stay ahead. A simple effective way to do this is to stop sharing personal information on social media. Small details could be giving someone the opportunity to steal your information or worse.”

Social media isn’t the only place one needs to be more aware. “The latest way your cybersecurity can be breached is through a fake message claiming to be from Amazon. A message will say that your Amazon account will be charged x amount and that you must use an attached link to cancel. Once you click the link it will instantly ‘cyber rob’ you and your information will be shared.”

Just as there are new cyber threats to be protected from, “there is always a new task and a new way to provide a solution,” continued Virgil. “Technology changes daily, I love that I will never be bored and that I am able to serve my community. Here at OPCD I can show that love alongside my team, when we go above and beyond to serve and fulfill the mission to #SHOWUP!”

In addition to his love of information technology, Virgil also enjoys the beautiful water surrounding New Orleans. “The Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River are beautiful. I enjoy biking along the waterfront and watching a movie afterwards.”

We also love the water surrounding our great city and hope Virgil continues to enjoy his bike rides alongside them.

Thank you, Virgil, for your dedication to your work and for taking a moment to help us stay safer when it comes to cybersecurity. We are proud to have you and everyone on the OPCD Technology Team supporting the City of New Orleans and our Heroes Under the Headset.

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