Orleans Parish Communication District Announces Launch of 3-1-1 Multilingual Chatbot Solution


(Thursday, September 13, 2023, New Orleans, LA) – Orleans Parish Communication District Interim Executive Director Karl Fasold and 3-1-1 Director Erica Mercadel-Hayes are excited to announce the launch of a new, multilingual chatbot 3-1-1 feature from our partners at Citibot.

With over 71 languages to choose from, New Orleans residents will be assured they can communicate with OPCD and 3-1-1-staff and be heard in their native language. Using the latest AI technology, this feature will immediately recognize the language of the inquiry and respond back in the same language. A service request or message submitted in a different language will automatically be translated into English when it enters the 3-1-1 workflow systems.

“We are thrilled to be able to meet our residents exactly where they are,” said Erica Mercadel-Hayes. “This kind of inclusiveness helps to build trust and loyalty and we’re grateful to our partners at Citibot for making this happen.”

With over 65 million Americans speaking another language other than English at home, it is important to create services and protocols that are inclusive and empower service providers to engage and communicate with a diverse population.

“We are proud to expand our language service capabilities with the help of our partners such as Citibot,” said Karl Fasold.

For more information on the Citibot language translation service, visit their website at www.citibot.io/multilingual/