#SHOWUP Spotlight – Andrea Taylor

OPCD #SHOWUP Spotlight
Andrea Taylor

In 2019, OPCD began our #SHOWUP Spotlight Series, designed to share the stories of our Heroes Under the Headset who go above and beyond to serve the city of New Orleans. We are excited to continue this series by introducing you to OPCD Operations Manager, Andrea Taylor.

Andrea, lovingly known as Ms. Taylor by her A-Nights Squad, focused in on her innate desire to aid others in need and dedicated herself to a life-long career that allows her to express that passion. “I’ve been working as a first responder for 31 and a half years,” says Ms. Taylor. “I have always wanted to help people and it just made sense for me to have a career in public safety.”

Ms. Taylor, born and raised in Washington D.C., moved to New Orleans when she was 2 years old and has since embedded herself in the New Orleans’ culture and views this city as her home away from home. Her perspective of seeing New Orleans’ residents and co-workers as her family gives her an extra push when the job gets tough. “My favorite part about the job is knowing that I am getting to help the citizens of New Orleans in their time of need and making a difference,” says Ms. Taylor. “My team members make me want to come to work and remain positive. I know we are the first, first responders and our job can be stressful, so I try to encourage the team to “SHOWUP” whether it’s to help save a life, deliver a baby or just be that calming voice until aid arrives.”

Ms. Taylor’s fun, nurturing personality isn’t just appreciated at work, but is loved the most by her big family. “I have a son, a daughter and 6 grandchildren ranging from the ages of 9 months to 13 years old,” says Ms. Taylor. “I absolutely love being a grandma. My grandkids know how to keep me on my toes and wear me out at the same time.”

Having a strong family bond and spending time with the people who mean the most to her, brings Ms. Taylor true unending joy. “Our family loves getting together for barbecue or seafood boils and playing monopoly and other card games. We like to have fun while spending quality time with one another…that quality time is so important,” says Ms. Taylor.

Ms. Taylor, your nurturing ways on and off the job are just one of the many things we love about you. Thank you for working hard and dedicating your career to serving the city of New Orleans. #SHOWUP, Ms. Taylor.