SHOWUP Spotlight- Tamika Girod

OPCD #SHOWUP Spotlight- Tamika Girod

OPCD is so proud and appreciative of our staff members who go above and beyond to serve the city of New Orleans that we want to share their stories. In this installment of the SHOWUP Spotlight, meet Tamika Girod!

Tamika, who is relatively new to the public safety profession, is currently an Emergency Communications Specialist at OPCD. Although she has been with the agency for only a year, she has gained the knowledge and experience of assisting people during an overactive hurricane season and a pandemic.

“I always knew the importance of this job, but the impact of what I do is even clearer now,” says Tamika. “We have the ability to save and change so many lives. It truly is phenomenal work.”

Tamika’s commitment to effectively serving the resilient city of New Orleans during a turbulent 2020 is something she holds close to her heart. She sees it as a way of giving back to a city that continuously provides her with memorable experiences.  “I do what I do because I love New Orleans,” says Tamika. “Prior to COVID-19, my favorite part about living here was attending all the festivals and fairs with my family. There is always something fun to do here.”

Now, with the city quieting down due to restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus, Tamika is finding new, creative ways to enjoy time with her husband, Roy, and their children Brandon, Roy Jr and Kaz. “Once I leave work, my attention and spare time immediately goes to my family. We definitely enjoy movie nights, playing games in our backyard and just being together,” says Tamika.

Her ability to make a not-so-great situation positive and pleasant is one of the many reasons she excels as an emergency communication specialist and it also helps her grow more excited for her future. “Right now, it’s best for us not to travel,” says Tamika. “ But when it’s safe to do so, I plan on traveling to Bora Bora and staying in an over water bungalow.”

Tamika, your awesome attitude and dedication to serving others definitely warrants a fun trip in the hopefully near future. Congrats on all your accomplishments. We appreciate you. #SHOWUP