City and OPCD Terminate Hexagon Agreement

(New Orleans, LA, August 1, 2023) – After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of available options, the City of New Orleans, and the Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) have together decided to terminate OPCD’s agreement with Hexagon for the development and implementation of a Records Management System (RMS). Moving forward, the City and OPCD will redirect their efforts toward seeking an alternative solution to fulfill the New Orleans Police Department’s records management requirements.

This decision comes after our joint attempts to continue the project following serious shortcomings identified during the Train-the-trainer sessions, as well as the documented open technical issues that have not been addressed. These issues include delays in providing a functional crime analytics environment, no workable plan to provide for data access by existing NOPD and City systems, particularly those required by the NOPD Consent Decree, inability to generate reports compliant with state and federal requirements, and a system that risks increasing the time required to write basic police reports.

Since entering into an agreement in 2021, the City and OPCD have made good faith efforts to evaluate system readiness, troubleshoot issue areas, and complete implementation. It has become increasingly clear, however, that a satisfactory resolution is not forthcoming and that it is in the best interest of the NOPD, our public safety and justice system agencies, and, most importantly, the residents of New Orleans, to seek an alternative solution.

We have begun evaluating records management systems that have a proven track record of successful implementation in both local and national law enforcement jurisdictions and a demonstrated ability to meet the NOPD’s requirements. We are eager to move forward in selecting a new partner to develop a modern RMS to enhance records management, data sharing, and reporting capabilities to benefit our public safety agencies and justice system.