Mother’s Day, A Spotlight

A Mother’s Day Tribute

In celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day OPCD is excited to share a spotlight of some our staff and their relationships with their mothers. This year we challenged them to describe their mother in one word and to tell us why.

The first word we received was “selfless” from Emergency Communication Specialist Ka’Teishia  Naquin.  “My mother would continuously go the extra mile and make sure that I was able to receive anything I ever needed,” said Ka’Teishia Naquin. “My mother is one of a kind and irreplaceable, no one could ever replace her.” As Naquin continues her work here at OPCD and goes the extra mile for the citizens of New Orleans we can see her mother’s influence in the work and care that she provides every day.

“My mother is a warrior” stated Emergency Communication Specialist,  Jessica Gutierrez. “It’s simple, her strength and courage to overcome any and every obstacle thrown at her make me very proud to be her daughter,” continued Gutierrez. The immense pride she feels for her mother encourages her to also meet her individual obstacles head on.

“Appreciated” said Emergency Communication Specialist, Chastity Campbell. “Nothing she has ever done for me has gone to waste, I’ve made sure of it,” continued Campbell. “My mother is truly appreciated and it is her overall drive that makes her immensely special to me.”

“My mother is a hero,”said Wendy Ervin, Director of 9-1-1 Operations. “She never complained while battling stage 4 lung cancer. Instead she bounced back from her surgery and beat it. I love my mother no matter what and I am so glad God chose her to be my mom,” continued Director Ervin. With such an example before her Director Ervin is sure to always be inspired to pursue her goals no matter their difficulty.

From “selfless” to “hero” the words chosen by the OPCD team to showcase their mothers demonstrates the impact that they have in their lives. It is our pleasure to give this small insight into the affection and gratitude they have towards their mothers. We would like to thank our team for allowing us to spotlight their moms and wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day.